Pitbull Temperament Pitbulls For Sale

On the other hand, many Pit Bull Terriers are absolute sweethearts. So many Pit Bulls who have been poorly bred (or poorly raised or abused) never lose their trust in humans. It’s enough to make you cry. pitbulls for sale

The problem is that you often can’t tell by looking at an individual whether he’s one of the dangerous ones or one of the safe sweethearts. And of course, you’re reluctant to guess wrong, because of the possible consequences. So you play it safe by crossing the street.

Your concern is understandable. It’s sensible to recognize that there are Pit Bull Terriers still being bred for dog-fighting, or for guarding the lairs of gang bangers and drug dealers. 

Fortunately there are also breeders who focus on positive attributes such as intelligence, athleticism, and a keen working mind. They breed their dogs to compete in obedience trials, agility trials, or weight-pulling.

American Pit Bull Terriers need at least moderate daily exercise to maintain their splendid muscle tone. You must also provide interesting activities to keep them feeling satisfied. This is not a dog to leave in the back yard with nothing to do.

Pit Bulls carry themselves with an impressive, confident presence. Yet so many individuals have the soft gentle heart of a Golden Retriever and are friendly, or at least polite, with family and strangers alike.

However…. attitude toward other canines is another story. Their dog-fighting ancestry dictates a strong-willed, no-nonsense kind of dog who does not take kindly to being challenged by other assertive dogs. Most Pit Bull Terriers do not start fights, but if confronted, most will readily engage.

It’s true that many PitBull for sale live peacefully in a house full of pets. Yet there is always the risk that dormant instincts may suddenly flare into deadly combat. Puppy pitbulls for sale

As far as training goes, American Pit Bull Terriers can be stubborn. But they respond well to confident owners who know how to establish and enforce rules of expected behavior. Pitbulls for sale near mes